Gutierrez Memorial Fund’s Legacy Grant application is now open.

Our annual project-based arts grant calls for proposals from arts organizations and individual artists who are residents of Maryland and whose programs or projects serve Maryland communities. Special consideration is given to projects that build skills, engage community and transform our built environment.

The deadline for applications is October 30th.

For more information, please review the eligibility requirements and downloadable application documents:

* Eligibility and General Information

* Application Documents



GMF is pleased to announce a new grant opportunity available to past Legacy Grant recipients!

The Gutierrez Memorial Fund is committed to sustaining all of our wonderful past projects and supporting their continued prominence in the community. The GMF ‘Sustainer Grant’ offers a way for previous Legacy Grant recipients to maintain and/or enhance their GMF Legacy Projects. We anticipate the Sustainer Grant to be a short term grant, able to be accomplished within a 3-month period. Legacy Grant recipients can request additional funds up to $2,500.

The grant will open each year on March 1st. The deadline for applications is July 1st.

* Application Documents

Should you have any questions or need assistance preparing your application, please email us at